Dental Cleaning Process

First we will do a thorough exam on your pet prior to anesthesia

We recommend, or sometimes, require bloodwork before anesthesia.

We do require an IV catheter to be placed.  This allows us to give IV fluids to keep the blood pressure from becoming low and to keep your pet from becoming dehydrated during surgery.  It also allows us to give life-saving medication in the event of an emergency.

If no problems are found from the exam and bloodwork, then your pet will go under anesthesia.

This is the dental machine that contains the instruments we will use to clean your pet's teeth.

The yellow buildup that you can see on the teeth is tartar and calculus, often one of the first and most visible signs of dental disease.

We then use an instrument called an ultrasonic scaler to clean the surface of the teeth.

Then we use an instrument to probe under the gumline to see if there are any pockets that may indicate a disease process affecting the tooth.

For any teeth that may need to be extracted, we have a dental x-ray machine to further assess the tooth. This image shows us positioning the dog for a dental x-ray.

Here is an image of a dental x-ray.

The last step is polishing the teeth and then rinsing the mouth.

Just look at the teeth now: Clean and White!

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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "The staff at Somerset Vet Hospital have been taking care of my "Sophie" for 11 years. They are such caring and wonderful people."
    Karen L.
  • "Thanks for providing great care for my little Tortie, Tallie when she was suffering from her skin allergies. You prompt care and tender kindness was wonderful. Being new to the area I feel very fortunate to have found your practice! Thanks!"
  • ""Doctor Robert Henry, We want to thank you for literally - SAVING OUR BEAUTIFUL DOBERMAN'S (Precious) LIFE. Your excellent diagnostic skills accurately diagnosed our Doberman's condition. Your protocol in treating him have made for a healthy, happy, loving and playful dog. We can never forget what you did for our dog. We cannot thank you enough"
    Kathy & Roger
  • "I came here 6 years ago when they were the only ones who would see my sick pup, and they were the best! They helped my girl get better and provided her years of loving service until we lost her to lymphoma last year. They still take care of my other babies and do an excellent job of doing so! We're patients for LIFE! Thank you guys for ALL you do :) With Love, Gina & The Crew Mountain Pride Pits."
  • "I just wanted to take a minute to say how very grateful I am for the entire team at Somerset Veterinary Hospital. I recently had a cat and two kittens spayed/neutered, and they all came through the procedure wonderfully. Dr. Penny is THE BEST!! The vet-techs and front desk girls are always super nice and helpful. I feel good knowing that my 'family' is in good hands when being treated. Thank you all for all you do!!"
    Thomas B.

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